It's playoff time!! who do you think will going into the NBA FINALS?

April 24, 2007 11:42pm CST
The bulls is making a threat to the heat. The suns have the advantage for Lakers, the same with spurs, clev and mavericks. THe pistons is killing slowly the magics. In just a couple of days its already a final games. Who do you think gonna make it??
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• United States
25 Apr 07
It's going to be the Phoenix Suns for me... however, how about my Warriors taking it to the Mavericks. Let's put it this way... even when Ive seen the Warriors play better, they still won handily against the top team in the NBA. I don't know if the Warriors can keep it up, but you know what? It's fun just to see the Warriors in the playoffs and playing well... they got a squad, people, watch out! But I just like the Suns... I love Steve Nash and Co... they can do it. The Lakers don't stand a chance.
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
nash will kill them with his great passbreak.
• Philippines
2 May 07
I think it would be the Pistons and Spurs once again. Cleveland might be playing Detroit in the East finals and the Cavaliers' inexperience will not be enough for them to advance. In the west, if Dallas pulls off a miracle against the Warriors they will be pretty banged up by the time they reach the next round. Spurs will win against Suns in the second round because they know how to contain the running offense of Phoenix. Then San Antonio will defeat either Dallas/Golden State or Houston in the conference finals.
@Makoy1983 (1085)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
it would be phoenix and detroit for me. though, it would be tough to predict from the west since we've got dallas, san antonio and houston in there. meanwhile in the east, only detroit and cleveland are the title contenders. the reason why i chose phoenix is that the suns are playing at their best this season. so far this is the best season they had since acquiring steve nash back. amare has fully recovered from his injuries while leandro barbosa is having a career-best season. and as usual, shawn marion is still consistent as ever. dallas could make it to the finals again provided that they could patch up soe of their lapses. they're still known as playoff chokers, and still, they haven't changed it. their 67-15 record wont really matter much considering that the playoffs have a different level of play than the regular season. san antonio is a contender too. having the core group of their 2005 championship team, the spurs had the greatest playoffs experience in the west. but the question is, is it enough to keep up with the surging suns offense and the tenacity of dallas? but on thing is for sure, duncan, parker, ginobili and the rest of the spurs just wont give up a fight easily. houston on the other hand is back in the playoffs after some disappointing seasons due to injuries. for sure tracy mcgrady will be having big nights again and that should pose as a threat to any team. when t-mac is on fire, no team is safe. the east on the other hand boils down to only two teams: detroit and cleveland. the pistons, although losing ben wallace during the offseason, is a more versatile team now with chris webber. the pistons still play the best defense in the nba, but what made them deadlier is that they dont rely much on star players but just on pure hardwork and heart. we'll just see chauncey billups hit big shots again just like what he used to do during the previous playoffs. cleveland on the other hand might have their dream season. after advancing to the second round last season, lebron james and the rest of the cavs might take it one step higher this time, the conference finals. i doubt if they can make it past detroit but that series for sure will be a very interesting one. its payback ime for lebron and the cavs for thier game 7 loss to the pistons last season. detroit and phoenix will square it off in the finals and steve nash will finally get his first nba title despite possibly losing the mvp award to close friend dirk nowitzki