what is wrong in conversion

April 25, 2007 2:03am CST
There has been hue and cry from our Hindu fundamentalist organisations against Christian Missions for conversion of Hindus to Christians. These organisations must know that the root cause for such conversion is the backwardness and poverty. In the name of Ram and other Hindu Gods, they are wasting money and time. If they are really interested to see the welfare of their hindu breathern, then they should come forward with poverty alleviation programme so that lacs of these poor people donot live like refuses in this Country ruled by our Great RAM. If they have the inner feeling and affection towards poor hindus, why can't they build hospitals, improve the sanitary conditions in the dwelling areas of fellow poor hindus. If any organisation irrespective of religion, comes forward to help them with some financial aid, there is no harm in joining that organisation rather than dyeing like animals. I have seen many christian organisations doing great services to the poor in this country irreslpective of their affiliation, by providing free education, books, food, medicines etc. they have built good hospitals, schools and other welfare trusts in this country for all the people (I mean not exclusively for Christians) and they are not forcing any poor hindu for conversion to christian whereas the Hindu organisations are building more and more temples for their selfish ends. It is quite natural that the poor people tend to go for conversion because of poverty which our Hindu organisations failed to solve. Even they talk of protecting sacred animal cow but why cannot they stop stray cows moving around the roads and dyeing without food? Every religion is great and in this secular country the people have the right to follow whatever religion they like but in the name of religion we should not allow the religious fundamentalists to foment comunal rift; rather the heads of different religious organisations should sit together to findout the ways and means to eliminate the poverty among their people by either directly providing them financial help or else help the governments in proper disbursement of the welfare funds meant for the poor.
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