Why do people start stammering

April 25, 2007 6:27am CST
You can observe many people around you who cant speak without stammering. Stammering or stuttering is an involuntary bloack in the normal flow of speech.I used to stammer a bit when i was a kid but i get rid of that. But i saw stammering as a routine in few of my friends who afraid to make sppech in public. As many can come out with solution for it, but did anyone know the cause of the occurence. Well it starts as a habit in childhood and it will develop further to your adulthood and for most of the cases, it will affect their self confidence and also have a damaging effect on their social and working lives . Do you have anyone in your family or friends circle who stammer and how many times you helped them to get rid of that habit somehow?
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@Wyayenjee (160)
• United States
25 Apr 07
My brother had that very same problem to the point where it got annoying, mostly because he would talk ALOT so I heard it way more. I normally don't mind people who stutter or stammer but I've never had a good relationship with my brother at all. The good news was he eventually got over his habit, he only does it once in awhile though. I don't know when he stopped that habit mostly because I locked myself in my room to study for exams and pretty much everything else.
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• India
25 Apr 07
The worst possible scenerio for the stammerer is that somebody avoiding them.I think your brother was bit lucky as he got out that way. Couple of my friends have that stammering problem and i never showed it as iam not interested with his conversation but actually iam.They stutter less when talk to me just because i know their problem and also i never advice any tips or tricks to get them out perhaps i act as if i dont mind them stuttering.It helps them and i will leave it to them to solve their own problem with their self-confidence but i do advice it in forums or blogs to the people who were not much close to me as i would be encouraging rather discouraging.