The Bible !!!

@shay3434 (881)
April 25, 2007 9:07am CST
The BIBLE is the holiest thing to Jewish people. Have you ever read the bible? What do you think about this sacred book? Do you think only jews should belive in the bible or anyone should? I think that the bible is the holiest and most important book in the world. I think everybody should read at least some parts from it and learn about the bible. What about you?
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@thefuture (1749)
• Nigeria
25 Apr 07
I have read the Bible before and I am still reading the Bible. I think the Bible is a book (it is even more than a book) that contains life to its fulness. I mean some people keep asking; how am I going to be safe? how can I get peace? how can I succeed? how can I do this or that? without them knowing that the Bible is a book that show steps to what our problems are and how we can get the life evalasting in Christ Jesus. I don't think the jews should be the only people to believe in the Bible, cos it contains instructions of life that is been made to everyone. Well I can't say much, cos everybody has his or her ways of thinking. To some, the Bible is the most useless and the least book in the world and to those, the Bible is just for them to read for leisure, but to me I strongly believe the Bible is the most holiest and the most important book in the whole world, cos it contains the ways of life and what one can do to live forever and cos if one should get Heaven, there will be no more problems again. I also think everyone should read at least a verse and we will see how lives are going to change. Thanks and have a nice day.
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@letzap519 (408)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
The BIBLE is the word of GOD... this should be read by all of us.. all people who believe in GOD, who wants to know GOD and wants to seek GOD...when we are praying it's a way we talk to GOD.. but when we are reading the BIBLE GOD is talking to us coz in the BIBLE we will be able to see GOD's will His purpose for us, and all of His promises.. the BIBLE is also an effective weapon to life our lives successfully.. read the BIBLE and study it with an open heart and mind..
• India
29 Apr 07
I am a hindu and from India.I studied in a christian missionary school and every friday,there is a bible class.It is not compulsory for other cast people to attend it.Still,i attend the bible class.I want to learn more about christianity.Book is similiar to holy book of hindu-Ramayana.By reading such books,your mind and heart can be purified.Every one should accept the principles of other relegion and learn the good part of all other releigions.If this happens, there should be no relegious clash between the people.I think all releigions are equall.
@elgutz (18)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
the Bible is not the holiest thing for a Jew, it is not the Bible but the Torah, that's their sacred book. The Bible is for the Catholics my friend. Quran for the Islams. the Holy Bible is given to us by God as the rule and guide of our faith. Same goes with other religions.
@byfaithonly (10715)
• United States
25 Apr 07
I agree, the bible is the most important and sacred book ever written. I do not think it was written only for the Jewish people though. The bible was written for everyone and everyone should read it - all of it and regularly. I don't leave the house without my bible because I never know when I am going to want or need to refer to the words of wisdome, support, and encouragment within the pages of this book.
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
25 Apr 07
One problem with your statement is God should be the holiest thing. But otherwise, I think everyone in the entire world should read the bible. The bible is a book from God, it is like a letter from our creator, who wouldnt want to read that?