***i love table tennis**

tt bat - i play tt.. anyone know tt... u can join with me
April 25, 2007 9:40am CST
do u??? r which sport do u love????
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@honolulu (82)
• India
24 Jul 07
i like to play cricket.i like tt.in my college there is one guy named bala is a tt player.
• Portugal
25 Jul 07
hey who r u??? which college???
@soulist (2985)
• United States
25 Apr 07
I love baseball/softball. I know some people find it boring, but I don't. I used to play softball when I was in high school and from time to time play with family at the reunions.
• Portugal
13 Jul 07
what is this softball??
@FaidaATL (44)
• United States
9 Aug 07
Table tennis is one of my favorite sports! I've been playing since I was a teenager. If you are a serious player it is a great workout. My other favorite sports are tennis (playing since I was 11 years old, and I've taught tennis over the years), squash (learned years ago in Connecticut), and running (I do this 3 days a week). Once, a partner and I won a table tennis doubles championship in Virginia. Also, I competed in a table tennis tournament here in Atlanta. I dropped back and let a guy win since I worked the over night shift at a major corporation at the time and the competition was continuing early in the mornings. If it had not been for that, I'm confident I would have won. lol
@rouwel23 (1353)
• Philippines
4 Aug 07
hey. table tennis fan and lover. we share the same passion.
@jackf501 (853)
• Malaysia
2 May 07
i love to play tennis but i also like play table tennis
@kunalvijan (3413)
• India
30 Apr 07
i like too.. i love all sports
• India
30 Apr 07
i love playing cricket and badminton. to some extent football. I actually don't have that kind of interest in tabletennis but then everyone has his own likings.
@pecata17 (29)
• Bulgaria
30 Apr 07
I trainnig a lot of sports but i'm very good at volleyball.I'm very good at table tennis too :).
@tosh14 (39)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
i love hockey on ice..........very excitement sport!!!
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
26 Apr 07
I love palying, tennis, badminton, table tennis also will be the alternative