Stella's treatment of Ben (eastenders)

@jend80 (2068)
April 25, 2007 10:22am CST
why no discussion of this - he may have been a right brat towards her but he doesn't diserve this. Do you think it's right for them to be using this as entertainment?
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@katkat3 (426)
2 May 07
It is quite a harsh storyline, but as we all know it happens..... It'll come out that she's doing it eventually and I expect she'll get in to big trouble for it! I don't think that the programme will carry on without Stella being cruel to Ben.. Well that's my view anyway.
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@twinkleD (361)
29 Apr 07
i think eastenders are handling the story well, although it does seem to me that they sudden personality change on Stella. When she first came into it she was nice..then she just changed. it really does make you feel sorry for Ben though and any other child that ends up in that situation. Its horrible. Hope someone catches her out soon.
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26 Apr 07
I think the writers of Eastenders are very brave taking on this story. I know other soaps have done serious subjects like rape etc. This story I think has only just started and I do wonder where they will go with it. I also thought the converstation Phil had with Ben was very clever - when they were talking about different things, it just shows how easy it is to overlook child abuse and that we should encourage our children to talk more and for us to listen more and to clarify what the conversation is about. I dont think they are wrong to do this story line as soaps are supposed to mimic real life situations but I hope they have done enough research and it makes people think about how they treat others
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25 Apr 07
I must admit the other night when I was watching this, I did find it very uncomfortable. It made me realise how easy it is for a child to be physically and emotionally abused. I wonder how far they are going to take this storyline. It is good to make aware to people the affects of child abuse and how it can be a man or a woman. I just hope it is not sensationalised or puts sick thoughts into peoples heads. I just wish more was done to educate children to see the signs and know when something is wrong. I am sure that alot of children would be saved from abuse if they could read these signs from an early age. When 1 in 10 children in the UK are being abused it is a serious issue.
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@stylez (91)
18 Jul 07
i think the main purpose is to raise the awareness of child abuse and remind the public that it is a problem and it also helps children who can relate to it.
@anonymili (3138)
17 May 07
I'm actually really hacked off with the writers about this storyline (and the Rob/May/Dawn one too). It seems that they expect us to believe that 2 of the most educated career women on the Square are completely bonkers. I know there's been a long build up to the Stella's abuse of Ben thing and they're going to explain it away somehow why she's the way she is, but come on? A solicitor who's batty? A psycho doctor? Eastenders writers need a proper reality check, they're making out that the disgusting Keith Millers and Stacey Slater's of the world are all acceptable human beings and educated people all one slice short of a loaf of bread! And and in answer to your original question, I think it's a weird storyline but they usually do their research for this sort of thing so it must be happening out there. Not giving stepmothers any better a reputation though is it!? x
25 Apr 07
no because people will think its its legal to abuse children the writer of this script should be sacked for it as its all wrong.