do u beleive abt love from the first sight?

April 25, 2007 2:56pm CST
i really beleive in this thing..i beleive that the eyes contact is the most important thing abt love so i beleive that u should feel something from the first sight maybe we dont call that love but it's the begining of love then love can grow later!
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@scapula (760)
• Jordan
25 Apr 07
Yeah I really believe in it, it is powerful and attractive, it is stronger than words and it makes the person thinking and over thinking of the nature of the looking, and finally to find it was the beginning of love.
@manvik (981)
• Hungary
25 Apr 07
I do believe that eyes contact is very important.Love at first sight will work if you approach the person and express yourself.Several times it happened that love at first sight finished becuase the boy was shy or afraid to approach the girl.If you feel something for someone approach straight to the person and express yourself freely without any hesitation.
@funfreak2k2 (1739)
• India
25 Apr 07
i think its trash. first sight never tells you any thing as such. if such feel occurs, it occurs only for love? not any thing else?? i am sure that love at first sight never happens. it doesnt exist in fact, practically. sorry if i was a bit blunt..:-)
• Malaysia
25 Apr 07
yes.. same here. i believe that eye contact is really important to get attracted to a person.. i've been into love at first sight.. and.. it's really amazing.. when i see her.. i know she's the one i'm going to love.. for long long time.. and yes..until now.. i still love her.. i think she's the best among all the girls.. eventhough many will deny that.. haha.. erm.. yes.. i think it should be considered as love.. but it's the first step of love.. because love is just a feeling.. we can develop that feeling later on right? if you have the heart to care for someone.. nothing can stop you =)