What is the MODEL of the mobile phone you are using?

April 26, 2007 12:16am CST
I do not buy high end mobile phone even though I have a resources for it. I just dont think I need a 3 G service (video calling) because I have a VOIP and an internet connection. I also think cellphone is not a good investment because its price drop so fast. Do you go for a high end cellphones? Or wish you have? What is the model of the mobile phone you are using right now?
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@joice86 (1079)
• Philippines
1 May 07
Its good to know that there are still people like you thinking that way that even though they have resources, they still don't spend their money investing for something that is degrading so fast. I am also like you, my cellphone got no camera on it, though i don't have any resources at this time, i am not thinking of buying something high end in the future. I'd rather use the money for something that is worth it.
@marababe (2511)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I really don't go for high end cellphones anymore. When I was younger I used to ask my dad to buy me whatever the new phone is and I get tired of them easily. Now I'm using Nokia 6085 and Nokia N70.
@Ravrockin (281)
• India
29 Apr 07
Even i dont like the coastly cellphone .Its become nessasity for daily life may be any type of urgencies can arise or taken place so i use simple an normal phone .Which i use the model number is Mottrolla c-168
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
im dont necessarily go for high end cellphones. im currently using nokia 7610. i like it even if it doesn't offer video calling.
@amjada (379)
26 Apr 07
Mobile phone i,m useing is MDA. But i use any mobile phone.Its a dreams of most persons,and everyone harbour it.
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I was into high end phones before because I used to work in a telecommunications company, but now, I am not into that anymore. I figured that whether your phone is the most tech-savvy or a 3g phone, all that matters is its ability to call and text. I don't think browsing internet on the phone is that useful for me becasue it costs more than my DSL monthly payment. using 3g is also not benficial since the 3g connection in our country depends upon the location if the 3g signal is availbale and the reception for video calls are still quite chappy and unclear. So don't see the necessity. And you are right, proces for cellphones keep depreciating, you won't be able to sell the phone at the same rate, it is usually more than 50% discount for it to be sold.