Has anyone here ever been to Hawaii or Italy?

United States
April 26, 2007 1:57am CST
My siter and her hubby just purchased a condo in Hawaii, I can not recall which island it is on, but now they will be going all the time and this is an investment prop as well. So, what do you think of Hawaii? I would love to go. My hubby as gone, my parents have gone and my siter has gone so many times, I have no idea how I have missed going to that island. But, before I would go to Hawaii, I want to go to Italy. Does anyone here like Italy or has anyhere here gone to Italy? I want to, of course, see the collisum (sp?) and walk where Paul from the bible walked. There is just so much rich history there to be discovered you know what I mean?
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@samson1967 (7417)
• India
26 Apr 07
I have seen Italy and Hawai only on screens. My wish is to visit the Holy city at least once inmy life time.
• United States
27 Apr 07
I think I would like to see Italy first, just in case the city ever sinks~ LOL Plus,that is the only European city I think I would want to fly to and spend my money in.