Mc Donald's health concerns?

@aseru48 (173)
United States
April 26, 2007 7:19am CST
Mc Donalds grew to the largest food suppliers in the world. They have franchises in pretty much every country on the planet. They are destroying the health of everybody. They are making cheap food that looks and tastes good, but it is poison for the human body. The motivater for this is MONEY. They don't care about anybody's health, they just care about money.
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@joluha (342)
26 Apr 07
So what is your point? If you don't like it don't eat for all those actually scoffing it down - well we have all been told often enough how bad it is so if they haven't taken notice thats up to them... If your gripe is about peoples health theres a lot more to pick on as well as maccy d's...
@mama4kids (690)
• United States
26 Apr 07
i agree. have you ever watched that movie "super size me" ? they lay it all out for you. the crap that they use to make the food. it is so unhealthy. cholesterol is high in everything, nothing is made naturally and the oil that they use is high in the bad oil. but yet..we all go back. my kids like mcdonalds like all other kids do. i only allow them to have it once a month or less. wendys uses the better oil and most of the food there is not only prepared the better way but is of better quality as well. how sad is it that it was only in recent years that mcdonalds went to all white meat chicken nuggets. remember back in the day you would get a nugget that had veins and dark blobs in it? yuck..the though makes me ill. yet they sold millions of that crap. fast food is just good.