Which is the greatest medical marvel ever?

Brisbane, Australia
April 26, 2007 8:01am CST
Experts from the field of medicine have shortlisted 15 of the world's most amazing medical breakthroughs and the British Medical Journal wants readers to pick one of them as the greatest. 1]Anaesthesia 2]Antibiotics 3]Chloromazine:the first anti-psychotic drug 4]computers 5]Discovery of DNA structure 6]Evidence-based medicine 7]Germ theory 8]Imaging and the use of X-rays 9]Immunology:how the immune system works 10]Oral rehydration therapy 11]The contraceptive pill 12]Discovery of the risks of smoking 13]Sanitation 14]Tissue culture:the idea of growing tissue 15]Vaccines Pick one of them and describe why?
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• India
5 May 07
I would cosider 6. evidence based medicine for without it being introduced, there would have been only myths and magics about treatment and cure. Supposing antibiotics were accidently discovered, then without evidence based medicine, antibiotic therapy would not have progressed beyond and ultimately dwindle due to antibiotic resistance development. In a way Evidence based medicine maintains and furthers already discovered knowledge and practices.