which is better harddisk?

April 26, 2007 8:32am CST
I'm about to buy a new harddisk.I found two interesting Western Digital. I want to ask which one of these is better. The first one has 7200rpm and 3.0Gb/s. The second one has 10000rpm and 1.5Gb/s.All their other specs are excactly the same.Please help me choose
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@smacksman (6074)
26 Apr 07
10k disks are getting a bit noisy and the 15k raptor disks are really noisy. I have fitted them all but I tend to go for Seagate disks as they have given me good reliability, are very quiet and have a good partition/formatting utility. I would go for the 7.2k disk. The 3.0Mb/s transfer rate will only work if your mobo BIOS will handle it.
@ergg78 (344)
• Malaysia
26 Apr 07
hmm.. 3 GB only? :) im sure there's a lot of bigger harddisk space to buy at the computer stores. but if you are really into speed, you should take the 1.5gb. If you are more concerned with the space, better buy 3.0gb But for me, i will definitely buy the bigger space. The bigger the better. in term of speed, you can always upgrade your ram or processor then you won't really feel the different in rpm. The faster it spin, the hotter it will get. :D