What have you do to decrease global warming?

@anjrit (997)
April 26, 2007 8:52am CST
FOr country action,our government banning product that disturbing the ozon layer and decrease the quality of ozon. for individual action, I use bike to the location that not too far so I reduce the CO2 that produced from the car How about you?do you care about this problem?
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
27 Apr 07
Here in the Prairies, all we have to do is wait until the end of October at the earliest and sometimes November and December where we now have global cooling. When it snows, no one can bicycle they have to either walk or take a bus or car or stay home and work on the computer and wait for the money to come through that little slot below the monitor -the one they have not invented yet. So you can see how much I care about decreasing global warming since it would lead to minus 40 degrees F or Cel in winter, large snow drifts, people freezing walking down the driveway, cars getting stuck in the snow, blizzards, etc. Since in order to decrease global warming you will have to go back to the same conditions people lived in at the pre-industrial age and since I read a lot of Westerns and heard stories from my older friends and relatives since childhood, how horrible things were then, I would not wish such conditions on my worse enemies (Satan and his demons not included). However I believe in saving money, being thrifty, making do so that I do not become a burden, unless, God forbid, an accident, illness, or a physical or mental illness befalls me, but then I will know that my savings has made sure that the Government will not have to put out as much for me as it would have if I had spent money like there's no tomorrow.
• Singapore
26 Apr 07
hi I try to do my part (however insignificant it is) to lessen the stress on the environment. I take public transport instead of drive fuel guzzling cars. I do not turn on air-con in my room, unless it is too warm to sleep. And if I turn on the air-con, i set the temperature at 26 deg C. I change incandescant light bulbs to energy savings bulbs.