What are your tips to beat a fear of flying?

Fear of Flying - I am afraid of flying.
@crackhead (1826)
April 26, 2007 5:46pm CST
I used to have a big big problem with flying. Would be just sick for days before & until the plane landed. I used to get an Rx from my doctor just to help me relax and calm a bit. Eventually I did overcome the fear. Here are some things I still do and now ... I can actually fall asleep before the plane even leaves the ground. I try to sit where I can see the flight attendants. By watching them carry on with their business as usual - I know they are not scared & they do this all the time - so they should know. I also do not put my feet on the floor. Sounds silly but it helps. By putting my feet either on my carry on bag or on the bar of the chair in front of me, I do not feel the vibrations of the plane & that helps as well. A magazine, a crossword puzzle, a good seat companion - anything to take your mind off the flight are good too. I try to take a magazine with good short articles to read. Do you have this fear of flying or are you happy and enjoying flying? Please do share your ideas what do you do to drive away the fear of flying? Any good ideas would be appreciable.
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@charms88 (7540)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Oh my friend, I am certainly not the right bunny to give you any tips to overcome your fear of flying. I love riding on a plane. I am even traveling alone. Since I was a little bunny, I discovered that I'm a risk taker, fearless of anything. This doesn't mean that I don't fear anything at all. I think we all have our own fears. There are people like me who happened to be an expert in hiding our fears.
@mrsbrian (1951)
• United States
27 Apr 07
I took my first airplane ride about a year ago, I have always been deathly afraid of flying I am scared of heights and have a fear of falling. I never wanted to fly I was to afraid.Everyone keep assuring me I would be ok, I finally agreed.MY first flight wasnt to long we went from Vermont to Florida. I was ok until that big door was closed than I became really scared and I wanted off but I knew that wasnt possible so I closed my eyes and prayed,I had taken dramine because i knew i was going to have a upset stomach. Well to finish this story I kept my eyes closed and refused to look out the window after take off there was a tv in front of me so I concentraed on watching it ,our next flight had no t.v so i read a magazine. I have found I love the take off feeling but i dont like the landing part.
@subathra (3519)
• India
27 Apr 07
I dont have any recent experiance in flying as i boarded plane when i was only 3 years.I dont even remember anything but my mom said i was just running here and there. But my father is a regular person who keeps on flying atleast 6 months once.But he has never complained any sort of fear but he says that while taking off there one can feel a sense of nervousness and nothing.Hope will get some flying experiance this year and am really much eager to board a plane.I think i will enjoy.
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