Earn Money Online, make a goal then reach it!

@moreinfo (3865)
April 26, 2007 6:32pm CST
We could always hear members saying i dont have $10, i dont have $5. Yeah, sometimes we have nothing in our pockets. But that not the way for us to earn money online, or make money. Make a goal, then REACH it, by learn to earn, and hard working. You must make a goal, like to say, the 1st month, $10, the first half year, $200, the second year, $2000. And now you have a goal, you have to learn to earn, and work hard. Find the best way, and the best programs suit you best. Just do it! Impossibly is 0, you know.
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@dodo19 (42746)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
5 Aug 11
I have to say that it's certainly a good idea to make goals and then try to reach it. I do certainly try to make goals, when trying to earn money online. Sometimes, I am able to earn it, but unfortunately sometimes I am unable to do so. But I do the best that I can to achieve it.
@drasnian (548)
25 Jul 11
I think this is so true - people on here often say "I haven't reached payout yet" and then you look at their activity ranking and it's like 12, or you look at their profile and see they haven't logged on in a week. If you don't concentrate on your goal, and WORK for your goal, how can you possibly expect to reach it? My goal at the moment is to reach payout next month in mylot. To do this, I'm tracking my mylot activity so I feel accountable, and guilty if I have more than one day in a row with little/no activity.
@oscar6 (1938)
• United States
15 Jun 11
I agree that you have to have a goal. I always make a goal for myself every month. I found that I make a lot more money this way then when I didnt make goals for myself. I usually up the goal every month. Sometimes I reach the goal and sometimes I dont but I just keep trying. Thats all you can do really is set your mind to your goal and keep on trying.