What do you do to treat or help your scoliosis?

United States
April 26, 2007 8:13pm CST
My dr has recently said that I should probably start an anti inflamatory.. If you are on one, what is is the strenght and what are your thoughts on it? WHat have you tried that did and did not work pain medicines etc.
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@pinay81 (1537)
• Philippines
23 Oct 07
i have also scoliosis but its not severe i go 6 session of physical therapy and i just continue my exercise here in my house the physical therapy advice me to do the exercise 4x a a week 3x a day she said better to lay down in flat bed not too much soft so my back will straight.
@LadyDulce (830)
• United States
4 Oct 07
I've never taken pain meds for my back, but yoga, resistance training, and weight training will strengthen the muscles in your back to support your spine. It keeps my right side from tirng and aching so much. When it gets terrible, massage and either acupressure or acupuncture work wonders. Tart cherry is a great, natural anti-inflammatory. It works on arthritis too. Blessed Be
@lafavorito (2960)
• Philippines
7 Jun 07
I swim regularly to improve my back muscles so that they can provide enough support to my spine, I also do pilates to increase my flexibility and help maintain proper posture. I don't drink any painkillers at all.
@sechsey (1834)
• Canada
25 May 07
This is actually a good topic for me. I just recently found out a few weeks ago i have a mild scoliosis. Doctors advise during my check up is to consult a physiotherapist for it. I havent done that since we live in a small town here. I have to go travel to another city to find the best one. And temporary relief is good knowledge for me. Right now, i am trying to find a good level bed just to help ease the pain every mornign. Also, i am trying my best for a good posture just to keep it at bay. Exercise is what i lack though.:(
18 May 07
i have scoliosis and all the pills the doctor give me for the pain didnt work, nor phisiotherepy but the one thing that did work was yoga, the pain is almost non existing, and also in germany there is a clinic for people with scoliosis and they use exercise regimes and mechanical techniques to straighten your spine, it does work, im currently looking into it and trying to raise the money to go. if you want more info bout this clinic feel free to contact me
@lafavorito (2960)
• Philippines
3 May 07
I don't drink painkillers, I just do the exercise the physical therapist taught me, sometimes I do pilates and swimming. I do hope I can find another doctor so that I can get my scoliosis checked-up again.
@yojismo (28)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
Pain-relief meds are only there for temporary solutions. They do not really help straigthen out your curved spine. I had a brace which must be worn 23 hours and your only relief from that evil is when you take a bath. the feeling of having that on is really annoying and not that pleasant. surgery is the last option of the most extreme case. but if im not mistaken, once there, no braces, surgeries or meds can completely cure u. braces or surgeries will just help either to alleviate it or to prevent it from getting worse.
@missy30 (129)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
i used to have brace too. but i find it hard to move so i decided not to use it anymore. i just follow my exercise routine taught by my physical therapist and have my therapy once in a while. my doctor also advice me that swimming is a good exercise for those who have scoliosis, at least three times a week, using different strokes.. i don't take any medicine.
@mememama (3076)
• United States
27 Apr 07
I had a brace, didn't work so I had surgery a long time ago, I now have a rod in my back to prevent the curves from pressing into my internal organs. I don't use pain medicines, I used to take a lot but they screwed up my stomach when I was a teenager. Many times the painkillers will eat away at the lining of the stomach. I keep a good posture to prevent pain and use a heating pad or take a hot shower when I'm not feeling too well.