Eight strange Shaanxi

April 26, 2007 10:40pm CST
Tang said to the stone-repair, as a result of the military service of the number of craftsmen still too often delays of food construction progress, to be punished. So, one among the soldiers anxiously then dough into the helmet, put the helmet into a fire to cook and Luocheng cake. Looking back now Guokui in Shaanxi have been on the history of the Millennium. Guokui done,and to face very hard, hard times are not able to move, to borrow Mugang pressure massage. Then on two feet in pressure massage. Then on two feet in diameter over the big pot from which slowly baking. Thus, the Luocheng morning Guokui crispy on the outside and flaky, delicious sticks of incense and placed on eight to ten days have not been changing. Guokui several "dry state this dry county) Guokui good."
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