Does anyone have Allergies to Fruit!

April 27, 2007 5:40am CST
My husband loves to eat cherries but every time he does his tongue gets itchy and it breaks out with little red dots all over it! He keeps eating them. When he eats apples the same type of thing happens. When he eats peaches his mouth and tongue get all red and the back of his throat gets really itchy. I am afraid one day this allergy could get worse and his throat will close over. Can that actually happen? Am I worried for nothing!
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@Augustta (1860)
• Poland
27 Apr 07
My daughter have a little allergies at strawberies and i find out this just few years a go.. Well,is nothing very bad,but still annoying because she have to put a menthol mixtura on her skin when inches... augusta
• Canada
28 Apr 07
My little granddaughter has been getting constipated since she started to eat solid food. She actually gets really dark circles under her eyes when she eats a lot of different foods. I took her to a natural path and strawberries is one food that came up as a strong allergy, not to mention all the foods I had figured she was allergic to before we went. We are hoping to clear up all these allergies with the natural path. Maybe my husband should go next. It costs a lot to go so one at a time. I do worry about him sometimes because he just can't refuse fresh fruit sometimes and his mouth and tongue really pay for it. Well so does he. Silly guy!