what kind of pet do you have

@megaplaza (1441)
April 27, 2007 8:28am CST
what kind of pet do you have, is it a dog, a bird, a cat, a fish or what?
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@luannemay (258)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
I have a cat. I found it last sept when there was a super typhoon. She was dripping all over. She was still a kitten and barely eating, so i gave her a saucepan of milk. I thought she wasnt gonna make it because of her condition but now she was running all over the house and chasing everything that moves.
• Malaysia
27 Apr 07
Goldfish and a doggie =)
@neilf49 (810)
27 Apr 07
We have just acquired a Border Collie puppy that we have called Missy. She is so mischevious, I am struggling to post here because she just wants to play. She's eleven weeks old now and very, very lively.