my poor 4 yr old!!

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April 27, 2007 8:35am CST
my father committed suicide when i was 18 yrs old. it was a very hard thing to go thru and it is a daily reminder to me that life is short. my 4 yr old asked me something yesterday that led to a conversation about my father. i told jd that his grandpa died many years before he was born. he went home, ran into the house and went up to my husband and screamed.."my grandpa died". my husband had a very surprised look on his face. i explained and he laughed a little. jd then looked thru the photo album i have of my father. he had the saddest look on his face as if he knew him in another life. mom truely believes that jd is my father's soul. he acts like him, looks like him, it is just amazing. he has been carrying around a picture of my father all last night and now again all morning today. brings tears to my eyes that my father should be here and have a relationship with not only me but my four kids, as well as my brother and sister. has anyone else lost someone so senselessly? what do you tell your kids? my daughter is 10 and she knows the truth but at 4 i think he isnt capable of totally understanding it so until he is older, he wont know the truth. it is very hard when someone leaves behind people that love them. it affects even those that didnt know them personally.
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27 Apr 07
Aww I am sorry for you. My dad passed when I was 2 months. He had heart problems. Sometimes I wish he could be here to see me and my children. I dont know what to tell your children. They arnt quite old enough to understand and do you really want them to know the real reason? I mean lying isnt good but maybe say he passed away he was sick. Its not a total lie. And they will deal with it better.
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29 Apr 07
thanks for your response. it is a hard situation but i wont lie, like you said. i give the kids age appropriate answers. i guess that is all i can do.