how do you KILL TIME? any suggestions?

kill time - time
@nengs10 (3183)
April 27, 2007 8:49am CST
When I'm bored and alone, I always wanted to kill time and wished it could run faster. How do you cope with killing time?
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@gewcew23 (8010)
• United States
28 Apr 07
I do several things. I cross stitch, crochet, play on the computer, mylot, sew dog clothes, do bible study, work out and cook. I don't have problems killing time.
@woxuexi (137)
• China
17 Oct 07
I bought a cross stitch once,and when I finished half of it,I lost my interest.I hope one day I can finish it.I like cook too.
• Sweden
6 Aug 08
Since my school not started yet i kill my time just to be here in my computer for the whole day.I think you guys wonder if i did not feel bored here.Im not because i do a lots of things in my computer like watching show in the Philippines since we dont have TFC because of my swedish language.surfing internet,talking to my friends and familu in the Phil and doing my mylot coz it interest me a lots.
@moira20 (226)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
I usually write some poetry or something, watch DVD's especially those TV series that I like, karaoke with friends (#1 suggestion! lolz), night swimming, beach hopping, search your fave song lyrics via the net (haha!), read a funny book like a comic book or something, try sketching or drawing cute animes, listen to your ipod (always!) and eat! Hope you'll kill all the time you've got with these killer activities. lolz *wink, wink*
@lifetalk (680)
• Pakistan
27 Apr 07
WEll, simply put, i do something that is in my interest. WHile most of the time, i just log onto the internet, and either visit mylot or the other forums that i've joined!
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Do something that you enjoy like drawing, reading a book, singing, surfing the net, daydreaming, playing games, etc. etc... Or better yet, log on to mylot and participate in your favorite discussions.