If you saw a car burglar trying to get in someone's car, what will you do?

April 27, 2007 9:10am CST
If you saw a suspicious looking fellow trying to get into someone's car that was parked in a nearby shopping mall, what are you going to do? What if this burglar is trying to steal someone's car in broad daylight while everyone was minding their business and doing nothing about it. How will you react to that? If that person tries to grab a rock to hit the windows or use something else to try to break in, would you get involved? or would you just ignore him and forget about it? Besides it's not your car anyway...^^
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27 Apr 07
I would say I wouldn't get involved. If this person is reaching for a rock anyway would y ou really want to interupt them. Everyone nowadays has car insurance and stuff anyway so it is not like they owuld just lose their car forever and have no compensation for it. Actually, I would probably call the police and tell them. They would probably tell you as well not to get involved. Cars don't really get stolen often now anyway because they have so much security and alarms and stuff. Saying that though my friends wee ford escort got stolen last year. He got it though for $100 though so he wasn't too bothered. He never even bothered claiming the insurance though cos his excess was £250.