How to build the world's best soccer/football league

United States
April 27, 2007 10:10am CST
The MSL sucks compared to leagues around the world. But I have an idea how to fix it. 1) Partnership with Latin America. The MLS would either form a partnership with a Latin American football league, or with potential owners in several major cities in a number of countries to develop a southern division of the MLS. During the preseason, there would be exhibition matches where teams from the north and the south would play "friendlies". Then, the two leagues play within themselves through to a league playoff. Finally, the champions of both leagues would play in a championship series at a neutral location. 2) Partner with ESPN/ABC. ESPN has an international presence and the resources to broadcast the games. 3) Recruit black players from around the world. The World Cup coverage in the United States covered the topic of racism in European football. We have racism here too, but our black athletes are seen as heroes, for the most part. They would be treated with a whole new level of respect. My thought is that this would take a few years to develop. But, eventually, the influx of black players and the partnership with Latin countries would give the league international credibility, helping to generate the revenue needed to sign the world's best players. The star power of Latin and European players would raise the interest of American fans. I think this would work, and could result in the most popular and best football/soccer league in the world. Any thoughts?
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@fortis (47)
• Italy
5 May 07
I'm Italian and here we have one of the best 3 soccer leagues in the world (Serie A, together with Liga and Premier League). I think the U.S. should export to Europe their best soccer players (like Freddy Adu and Landon Donovan) and should import many European and South American players (like David Beckham, Roberto Carlos or David Trezeguet) to improve the level of MLS.
@gcmthiago (239)
• Brazil
28 Apr 07
It's idea is really very interesting, a World-wide league, can give certain.