know your future

April 27, 2007 11:35am CST
All of us want to know our future. If we have any idea about our next day life, we might be more serious and confident in the journey of life. would u like to discuss with me about this ? Then join me.
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@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
27 Apr 07
hm hm quite interesting... really like to know bout my future... serious n confident.. i thinks it depends.. if the future is bad yep i have to take it as serious thing, but if my future is toooo bright i can be over confidence n take it as no serious at all.... knowing the future can change the future too rite?
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• India
28 Apr 07
Over confidence is not bad in every respect. I think there is no such parameter to calculale one's confidence level as over or down. Aim to sun, u must arrive to moon. So aiming to sun is over confidene, but this over confidence can reach someone to moon. so be confident, overconfident to own the World and one day this world will be yours.
@smileydew (171)
• India
27 Apr 07
hai akcmulti,warmwelcomes u with roses into your future of this my lot to earn money for you infuture of you to also,as for me i feel both good and bad will happens, knowing future helps to decide ourself to settle our lives and family and make them happy and nver we like to say that next day makes like this,some times it makes worries and tension who is going to die,or troubles that weknow and the family depends on the person itself,like me person accept the future with joy and happines to face anything either good or bad
• India
28 Apr 07
Thanks u a lot to make me your friend. I think u have a strong mind to face any ups and downs in your life. Wish u a very happy and smooth life for ever. Actually I am a beleaver of Astrology. I have studied this subject since a long period. I think this subject helps us to make a safe life journey. What's your openion ?
@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
29 Apr 07
You never be sure that you know your "future". All of us accept the predictions too literally and even fanaticaly. But the predictions depends of many factors and most of them are subjective, so you may just see the possibilities and some of the variants.And you have the free will in each moment, dont forget it:)