How many PTR/PTC-sites are you a member of ?

@RAMONES (537)
April 27, 2007 2:00pm CST
How many PTR/PTC-sites have you as a member or affiliate ? Do you visit them every day ? Are they paying you on regular bases, or have you been the victim of a scam ? Let me know, I am interested !
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@juliedee (2388)
27 Apr 07
I have over 30 sites which I try and visit every day. They all pay me and I post when I am paid on my website. I make a good amount of money using these sites.
@RAMONES (537)
• Belgium
28 Apr 07
30, that is a lot... I would not have the time to keep checking them all out ....
@johnwoon (125)
• Malaysia
13 May 07
Yes, some of the exciting programs I'm involved in are available in this blog: Good luck!
@mamounz (248)
• Israel
13 May 07
i think i am a member in 12 sites i am working with them every day and all of them pay me and i am waiting my pay out from 2 of them and they are not scam since there is many members there had got there payment. i do not sign up in any site antil i am sure that they are paying there member
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
27 Apr 07
I belong to about 40,which about half are my favorites because they pay you on the same day, the next day, or up to four days later. I make about $50 to $80 a month working about six hours a day, but since I live in the Central Zone, many of them expire before five pm, and some around two or three since they are based in China. This means that I have to get up early in the am. The ones who live in California are lucky. They can sleep in. I do not like no minimum sites because then I would have to go without a few amenities --like sleep -- to make anything.