Whats your choice of Flavour in Maggi mee??

@dianagnes (1088)
April 27, 2007 2:41pm CST
Who like to eat Maggi Mee? A popular brand of instant noodles that i knew since young..before i was born,Maggi Mee have already exist.So,What's your favourite flavour of Maggi Mee?Mine is curry..There are others flavour like prawns,chicken,tom yam and so on..!There are also varities of ways we can use maggi mee to cooks not just as a soup noodles,we can fry it and even eat it like a pizza or pancake.
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@noyida (795)
• Singapore
29 Apr 07
Maggi Mee..you make me drool. I love to eat them, but not just plain with the flavoring. I will first fried some chilli paste, garlic and onion. Then add a lot of vegetables, some prawns and slices of hot small tiny chilli. It will be soupy and then lastly will top them up with an egg...SSSSsslllluuuuuurrrppppp. Since I add all those, so the flovoring is not a problem but normally my choice will be curry as it will be more spicy. The spicy the better...got to run for maggi mee now..heeh heeh
• Singapore
29 Apr 07
My favorite is maggi mee's curry flavour. I love it. I've got tonnes of it at home. Everytime when I'm hungry and need a quick meal, I'd cook my curry maggi mee with an egg. It's ready in just a few minutes. Sometimes, I cook it in a dry style. Sort of like a fried curry noodle style. That's when I'd cook the noodles first then place it on a plate. After which, I'd add some of the curry powder. Not too much because it can be too salty, then I'd add a can of tuna flakes. It's nice too. :)
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
29 Apr 07
Hi dianagnes. If I feel like a quick snack or find myself in a mad rush, I usually like to eat maggi noodles, the flavour being chicken or beef