Sims 2 installer pack from modthesims2....

United States
April 28, 2007 12:02am CST
At the suggestion of someone else, I downloaded this thing to monitor my downloads to make sure I didn't get bad or conflicting files. I'm still having game crashes and have no idea how to find what I just downloaded to take it out of there! I did notice when I put files into it (meshes and certain files have to be manually extracted and left on desktop) that when installing these, the files were left on the desktop. I stuck them into my downloads folder where there were no replacement files to be found, so they never got loaded in. I'm hoping this will fix my problem, but if not, what good does it do to have this tool if it doesn't work? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but dang if I know what it is! I did notice it fixed my last download crash though, so I'm about running even now, and its frusterating as heck, cause I just started a couple of challenges from the BBS on modsims.... Help please!
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