Why Men are Called Gentlemen?

April 28, 2007 12:49am CST
with a lot of excuses from all Ladies. why men are called Gentlemen? and women are called simply ladies? can some body explian this? what is my opinion that men are always gentle but ladies poor ladies......................... no comments.
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@bowtieguy (5924)
• United States
13 Sep 07
The men comes from the fact that we are men and the gentle refers to the carring, attentive and well mannered demeaner we associate our self with, I always wondered why they don't have a term like roughmen or something for the opposite instead of words like jerk.
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@info2go (241)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
Ladies are 'generally' more softhearted and tender so needless to say they are 'gentle.' Men however, are physically stronger and much capable of doing harm and being reckless, so it would be nice to hear when people address men as gentlemen when they deserve that kind of respect. So,there isn't an issue of sexism about men being called gentle and women just ladies, as it is fair enough for men to flatter women often with their innate senses for beauty and gracefulness.
• Canada
1 Jun 08
This never really made sense to me either, but this is how I think it is. Back a ways, people were divided into classes. Ladies, women Gentlemen, men I think the terms were creaed to distinguish between the classes, and perhaps the education level of the people. I think hat the female gender was always thought to be gentle, but there were plenty of men who were fighters, and violence was most often carried out by MEN, thereforew the non-violent and more "polite" perhaps better educated men were called gentlemen.