April 28, 2007 2:30am CST
Two years ago out of frustration and depression I committed the worst sin I thought I;d never be caught of..I was caught by our Professor during a finals exam.I was so low and depressed when I was caught.I almost thought it was a bad dream happening in front of me.And today I dreamt of it again.So what do you think this means?
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@glra2222 (492)
• Australia
28 Apr 07
did it actually happen and then you dreamed about it? I have had bad things happen like get arrested once and I was so angry - also sometimes I got in trouble at school and it always feels like a bad dream that you wished were a bad dream. These i would consider some of the most worst experiences of my life and the worst days of my life - sometimes I would dream of similar things happening - but they don't really mean anything - just that it is a memory that comes back to haunt me. These are just fears of something bad happening to you - nightmares are just based on your personal fears. I heard that a majority of dreams for most people are nightmares - just the stresses of modern day life.