What I don't know won't hurt me...

April 28, 2007 4:15am CST
I recently met a guy and a girl who are both married. The girl is separated from her husband because he got his other woman pregnant. She said that it was okay with her if her husband sleeps around as long as he doesn't get them pregnant. Can you relate to this? The guy is married and said that it's ok with him if his wife sleeps around, knowing the nature of her career - she's a medical representative. As long as he doesn't find out about it, "What I don't know won't hurt me", he said. Can you relate to this?
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@lucky_witch (2710)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
Oh my! What kind of relationship is that! I dont know but if you think its fine with you to let your man sleep with another woman then get out of the relationship....and save your respect to yourself and the people around you... And if you its ok with you your wife being F^ck by others...without you knowing about it but know thepossibility of being fooled what kind of man are you? Just want to have spice... there is a lot of more moral ways!
@vijiayyar (191)
• Ireland
28 Apr 07
There are many a people in this would that take freedom as some permit to doing anything absurd. They think freedom means they are allowed to do whatever pervert and immoral they can do. They feel really free this way. They think themselves to be so special but at last they always have this hollowness surrounding them. So dont worry about such people and let them live in their ignorance.