what are the things that you wouldnt tolerate in a friendship?

April 28, 2007 5:16am CST
for me, i would tolerate betrayal. for me, being betrayed by my friend is the worst thing that could happen in a friendship. you see, i look at friendship as a foundaton of trust and confidence with each other. i share my secrets and problems with my friends and it would really break my heart if someone betrayed me or took advantage of my weaknesses or problems. what about you? what would you not tolerate in a friendship?
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• Philippines
28 Apr 07
yeah, i wouldnt tolerate betrayal either. once the trust is broken its hard to trust them again. its like a broken mirror, even if you glued the pieces together the mirror would not give you the same clear image. i wouldnt tolerate betrayal. sure, i might be able to forgive them but the trust and the friendship that we had shared would never be the same again.