Doctor or Self Diagnosis

April 28, 2007 8:09am CST
Sometimes we just tend to take medicines on our own for small problems.But is it really safe to take medicines on your own especially antibiotics if you have a fever or say some common illness or u should always consult a doctor for any kind of problems? Think of a situation where every now n then somebody in your family is not keeping well like upset stomach,headache,fever,vomiting,cold n cough etc.How feasible will then going to the doc every now n then be.I would really appreciate anyones opinion on this.
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• Canada
28 Apr 07
I often will self medicate myself rather then going to the doctor's . When I am sick the last place I want to be is sitting in a doctor's office for hours waiting for them to see me for them to then give me a prescription that is going to cost me an arm and a leg . I hate going and getting checked out and will try everything I can to get rid of something before I go up . After awhile when you are sick you start to recognize your own symptoms and so if someone offers me something to take like antibiotice and I know I have an infection , then I will take this and try to get rid of it rather then go up . It is probably not the best thing for us to do but when you don't want to do something you will look for an easier way out rather then to sit somewhere all day for someone to tell you something you already knew . I will give someone in my family something if they ask but I make sure it is something that I know is safe as I have stronger medication and would worry if I gave something that was too strong for them , if they have taken it before i don't worry but if they haven't then I will usually suggest that maybe they should go in and be checked out just to be safe . I don't take chances with anyone else but when it comes to myself I just can't be bothered with sitting around to be told something I already know when I am not feeling well :)
• India
28 Apr 07
Ya it happens many a time.Going to a doctor sometimes become such a time taking process and in the end u get a huge bill plus tons of medicines.Anyways thanx for your valuable input.
@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
28 Apr 07
hi mads, for the common cold and flu, even fever... i will self medicate. I normally give myself 3 days of self medication. If my condition improved, then i would have saved money for the doctors' consultation. If i do not get better after 3 days, i'll drag myself to the doctor because through the years, i realise that i recover within 3 days at most. I've had flu that was so bad that i could hardly get out of bed, could hardly walk because the room was spinning and all that i wanted to do was sleep. So in this particular instance, i know that i don't have to wait for 3 days to recover. I need immediate medication from my doctor. - Lyn