What's the extent of our Universe???

April 28, 2007 10:17am CST
Hi all! I devote mostof time injust watching the sky at night.Well its beautiful.Stars look so tiny when I see them from the roof of my hostel.But actually they are not,they are vast.I mean they are the powerhouses of this universe.The one responsible for life. We all know about the big bang how our universe came suddenly into existence out of nothing and how its still expanding. Expanding?? Well expanding that is a confusing term for me.If there was no universe before big bang then what was there and now even if universe is expanding then what is its limits? Is it some kind of boundary or what,and if its a boundary then what is beyond that? Well I hope someone here will be able to answer this mystry for me....
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@hi1234 (175)
• India
28 Apr 07
i m also of the same kind!!i too like to watch the sky with bright stars,illuminated by a full moon.what do i think is that the universe was produced when d two forces the positive and the negative came into action.it was produced from emptiness and it is still expanding in emptiness and i think we all know that emptiness cant be limited.so there is no limit for our universe.and before big bang there was nothing only vast emptiness.if we look at hindu mythology than first "om" which is also knwn as the primordial sound was generated and from it the world was produced.but i think we should not poke our nose in gods and natures secrets,htey might not loke it.