do you have a house maid??

April 28, 2007 12:35pm CST
Here in Jakarta, Indonesia almost everyone have housemaid. My parents even have a driver bcoz they don't know how2drive. but when i visited europe, all the local friends i've met were amazed and they thought i came from a rich family.I'm not. The reason my family have housemaid and driver is because they're cheap.the standart in Jakarta for a housemaid is around US$40-50 p/month, but of coz we must provide their food and the housemaid stay w/us. but i found some negative effects from having a housemaid.until now i don't know how to iron my own clothes :)) so what do u think about having a housemaid?also what is the difference of housemaid in my place and ur place?i really wanna know :) thanks a lot for ur comment.
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@loved1 (5332)
• United States
28 Apr 07
Wow. $50.00 a month plus room and board for a maid? I would be all over that deal! I don't have a maid(although I could use one right now)and don't know anyone who does. Even though it would be nice to have some help with the housework I think there is great value in having my children learn to pick up after themselves. I don't forsee them having a maid when they move out and they will need to know how to do household chores for themselves. I also get a sense of satisfaction from doing chores around the house sometimes.
• Indonesia
28 Apr 07
indonesia already export house maids to several countries btw :)) no kidding. i live with my husband now and feel not yet need a house maid,but becoz i got used using house maid i found myself some difficulties in doing some house duties :) well, i definetely will hire one when we have a bigger house.