My violent thread for the day...

@oldiebut (859)
April 28, 2007 2:55pm CST
I was sitting here watching a ball game when they replayed a old fight involving the Yankees. I got to thinking (who knows why) about who I would pick to go a few rounds with. I came to two conclusions, one personal and one fantastical. My wife's ex-husband really deserves to have his "attitude adjusted". This was a man who beat up a 5'2" woman several times and got away with it (during the 80s when domestic abuse was taken less seriously). This cowardly piece of slime ran from me once (I am far from huge but outweigh him but about 15 pounds) when he tried to attack her after their divorce. One of the most repugnant human beings I have ever known. The fantastical choice is Adolph Hitler. I have a degree in History and my specialization is Nazi Germany. For the massive crimes this man committed he should be sentenced to going a few rounds with someone every day. Sadly the coward avoided the implications of his act with his suicide and never had to answer for the unimaginable damage he did. Ok, that's the violence out of my system, back to the ball game, Boston vs. New York, yeesh I want them both to lose.
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