@dixie1 (1330)
United States
April 28, 2007 4:50pm CST
How do you best deal with allergies? I have allergies to pollen, mites, dust etc. Also, hey fever. I take zytec but, I do not like it and I'm thinking of stopping Zytec (sp?) I saw on tv this program (Oprah) who had a Doctor on talking about a "Neti Pot" for sinus system..I ordered that and will see if it prevents some of the problems.
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@Kythe42 (1412)
• United States
28 Apr 07
I've got lots of allergies to various pollens, dust, mold, perfumes, smoke, and chemical fumes. I don't take any medicine for it, because nothing really helps at all besides benedryl and that makes me too sleepy. I have have a nasal irrigator that is like the neti pot except it looks like a large syringe and you just shoot the saline solution up your nose. I got it because it looked easier to use than the neti pot. The irrigator doesn't stop me from sneezing, but it does help clear up my congestion.
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
28 Apr 07
I am allergic to many perfumes, many fabric softeners, and soap products. I use vinegar instead of fabric softener, and avoid buying anything with pine in it. I also make sure I buy non-perfumed products and that seems to help. That's what I do. There is a plant that grows in the Prairies that sets me to sneezing, but so far I have no idea what it is.
@caribe (2465)
• United States
29 Apr 07
I have allergies to many things also and I take Claritin, mainly because Zyrtec is too expensive. I prefer Zyrtec to Claritin. Maybe the Neti Pot will work for you. I have to admit I had no idea what you were talking about until I looked it up on the internet. I had a doctor once years ago that suggested that I sniff salty water up my nose for my sinuses. Let us know if it takes the place of your allergy pills. Good Luck.