if you dog always want to go out,but you have no time to take it out

dog - dog in playing , he like to go out
April 28, 2007 9:06pm CST
if your dog always want to go out to play,but you are busy with your work and have to time to take him go out . then he will always bark if you don't take him go out . what you will do now? it is really a problem for my friend, she ask me how to settle this problem,but I reall don't know. if you can give some advice?
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@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 07
I believe if you love your dog you sure got time to take it out and the main thing is how you manage your time. I suggest your friend scoops out 3-5 minutes from each of the following: sleeping, chatting, on-line, bathing, shopping, watching tv, reading books or what she does most of the time daily. If you think you can you sure can. Hope both your friend and her dog enjoy their walking time.:)
• United States
29 Apr 07
Ask a neighbor kid or a friend's kid to come walk the dog for a couple of dollars. When I was younger I had a pet walking business for my neighbors. I think I charged them like $3 for a 30 minute walk. They all loved it because they get out of walking the dog, and the kid is happy to make a few extra bucks. If you don't have any neighbors, you can hire a professional dog walker, but they are considerably more expensive. We have a service near my house that will pick up your dog 5 days a week and take him to the local dog park for 2 hours. Personally, I'd choose hiring the neighbor over the professional, but if you have some extra money it may be worth it. Dogs need exercise.
@amydawn11 (906)
• Canada
29 Apr 07
Well dogs need to get out to use the washroom and to get fresh air and exercise. I think the dog is barking because he needs to go to the washroom or for a walk to burn off some energy. She should get someone to come and help her with it then.
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I've the same problem right now. Me and my husband are both busy so we can't find time to walk our dog outside sometimes. Sometimes when we have time, we forget to take him out. Before, our dog would bark to let him out even when it's raining. We just tell our dog that we can't walk him. But of course he doesn't understand, poor dog. He gets tired anyway. But I suggest to allot a time for the dog. My husband walks the dog at night because that's his free time. Even a 30 minute walk makes our dog happy.
@bunalice (315)
• China
29 Apr 07
I think maybe your friend can turn to her friends,she can know about whether her friends have free time and also can help her to solove this problem.If they like to take her boy go out,maybe it is OK.