April 28, 2007 10:13pm CST
yeah frnds...Dreaming !! Dreaming & Dreaming , I believe thats the best thing in this world..., have u ever dreamt of something and then achieved it.. , I recently had 1 such experience , and believe me the feeling and pleasure u get from fulfilled dreams is distinctively great from any other pleasure..., now I have again seen a dream and have already taken the first step towards it...so frnds take my words start dreaming and start approaching them... , I would like to share ur experiences , so that others can also get inspired... !
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• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I agree. The satisfaction you feel when you reach your dream is really great that even the richest man in this world can't buy. I would say if i dream, i'll dream high. No matter what happens, i'll reach for it. I know it would be hard. But as i go through it, i'll be learning from it. Taking small and sure steps will be a good start. So let us keep dreaming and reach for it!