school life.!!!!

April 29, 2007 12:45am CST
what is your thinking about love crush in school life????its happened with everyone or not???
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• India
30 Apr 07
ya,i was love with one of my classmates but now she's in other city and we meet twice every year as she comes to meet her parents at her home and i m thinking of proposing her this time.......coz if i wont propose her now it wud be too late......
@yojismo (28)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
of course! i think it's normal, really. it may be because of proximity or because anxiety/loneliness loves company. school age is the when we are relatively really vulnerable to things like this because at this point, many are yet to be enlightened about the sad truths of love, attraction and relationships. we become mutually blinded by the attraction and the heightened positive feeling that the initial passion brings to our used-to-be-plain-biologically-living self. We are now, at this age, a social being who learns to live with other people. it's normal but the most important thing is knowing when to give too much and when to resist the temptation of that nice in-love feeling. just be sure that you know your priorities and that they not be distorted. and make sure that you protect yourself. go for self-preservation!
• India
29 Apr 07
obviusly,every normal human in this world would definitely have a crush in his/her school life.the thing that matters is some immature people take it seriously and other matured people will be aware that a crush is a crush, and a love is a love.crush can never become love.