Do you dream about your Ex?

United States
April 29, 2007 1:53am CST
This is really sad... but I never dream about my spouse. I do, however, *Often* dream about my exes. And this is nothing new for me. It's like, no matter who I'm with, I'd rather be with someone else. Is there something *Wrong* with me? Does anyone else have this problem? Please help! Btw ~ I feel so guilty when my spouse tells me about the dreams he has about me ~ just day-to-day stuff, mostly. But the fact that I'm even *in* his dreams... makes me feel like I'm cheating on him when I sleep...
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@Chryssi (828)
• United States
29 Apr 07
I don't dream about any of my exes, I dream about my significant other. ..And the honest truth, as hard as it may be to accept.. Maybe your heart just isn't/wasn't in any of your relationship/relationships. There's nothing wrong with you, it seems to me that you just haven't found the right person yet ~ the person that you can see spending the rest of your life with, being totally devoted to them, only wanting to be with them. You have some things to ask yourself.. Are you truly happy with this person? Do they give you what you need, in all aspects of the relationship? If you answer no to those questions, then maybe it's time to move on, without delaying the inevitable.