How do you Chew?

April 29, 2007 3:38am CST
I have two friends who chews their food with their mouth open.They chew like they are they are chewing gum. It sounds noicy and they even smack their lips a bit. Not quit like that it is hard to describe! Does anyone know what I mean? One friend has been single for years and lives alone so I can be a little forgiving of the behavior. My other friend as been married a long long time. Does the partner ever say anything to solve this annoying habit? Obviously not! When I eat with these two people it is all I can do to tune this irritation out. Some times when my nerves are on edge from my vitamin B deficancy it is even harder to ignore. What do you suggest I do? Do I say something? If so; how do I say it?
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• Canada
9 Jun 07
oh dear , you tackled a tough issue indeed. My daughter tends to chew with her mouth open. We speak to her about it and for the most part she listens. My dad has the worse habit of chewing with his mouth open, and even worse he talks with food in his mouth. That I find totally gross. Once in a while I will get disgusted and ask him not to talk with food in his mouth. Fortunately I am not around him very much as he doesn't take criticism that easy . You do wonder if the persons partner does say anything about it .You would think so but it is sort of a private issue, and unless they speak with about it, it is not something I would ask about . I am not sure if I would suggest saying anything . I am not sure there is a tactful way of saying it with out the person becoming upset . Good luck !
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10 Jun 07
Your right about that. I don't want to hurt anyone but it sure drives me crazy that noicy chewing sound.