Gangstersgreed paid for doing offers could be trustworthy enough - i have proof!

referral earnings from gangstergreed - This is proof that people who do offers on gangstersgreed actually do make earnings. I cannot take part in those offers because i am living outside of the u.s. so i can only earn through referrals. please thank me by using my referral link to join - if you want to join.
@glra2222 (492)
April 29, 2007 4:25am CST
Now, i will never try to falsely advertise to people about a site just to get referrals - i want to get referrals in a system built on honesty and trust and of people offering to become my referral. The thing with this site - Gangstergreed is that the offers you sign up for is only available for U.S. residents only - that's the problem i have - because I live in Australia - i cannot earn money from their offers. I can only earn through referrals. Now - i have never been successful with getting referrals for any of these pay sites so i did not think i had much chance - i had advertised a few times on a forum. I decided to just forget about this site because i couldn't get any earnings from it - but today i went back and had a look at my stats - what do i see? 3 referrals and they have earnt me $1.25 since they joined! now i would only get 25% of what 1st line referrals earn - so if i already got $1.25 from them - at least one of them must've earnt 4 times $1.25= $5 in a couple of weeks from completing offers. that's a hell of a lot better than other sites where ive only earnt about 30c - and most of the offers require a credit card which i don't have one. Now if you are a u.s. resident and you want a site which actually pays ($10 minimum payout) and you can actually earn more than 1c a day then this one is the most popular one. You can look around in and they will show you proof of payment. Please, if anyone who lives in the u.s. joins then show me thanks by using me as a referral. here's my referral link: please click on the picture to see this proof - i am sorry that the picture is not so clear - if you would like a better quality picture just message me.
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