Do you have the time to appreciate life ?

@jamie622 (508)
April 29, 2007 7:40am CST
Do you really have the time to appreciate life and everthing that God has given you ? We often keep running mor and more not appreciating what we already have . Are you satisfied or alays running after new things ?
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• India
30 Apr 07
ya,actually we all admire the things and their beauty but we are all very busy in our routines and hence,dont realize that we have appreciated the nature besides us.......
@rubiana6 (270)
• Brazil
29 Apr 07
honestly: no, i dont have the time. i have three little children and simply dont find the time to appreciate things in life in the moment. but i hope one day, when they are older, i will get this feeling again, and be able yo say to myself: it was worth it.
• China
29 Apr 07
some one ever said that what we can't get seems better than what we have. It seems that most of us don't know to appreciate what they've got but feel sorry for what they don't. I feel so ashamed that i also like to complain a lot when i meet trouble or when something i've expected don't happen, and i seldom to appreciate that i have. in fact life is a gift , so i think in the following days of my life i should learn to show appreciation to everything that i have and give more ,expect less.
• China
29 Apr 07
I am afraid that I don't spend much time appreciating the world and life, but when I listen to some light music, and read some books that requires a quiet environment, I do feel the harmony of the world.
@darkness01 (1303)
29 Apr 07
I often take a walk just to relax and get out into the world to appreciate how wonderful this world can be. Im not someone who chases everything in life because i like to appreciate what i do have rather wanting what i do not posess. There are people in the world who would want what we have and sometimes people should be happy and feel blessed to be on this earth.
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
yes, sometimes... when i travel and see the beautiful creations (sea, mountains,lakes,etc), i appreciate again the life that i have. to be able to see such wonderful things created by SOMEONE above me for my pleasure and for my benefit.