How to withdraw money from paypal to a bank account?

April 29, 2007 8:39am CST
Hi I have earned some pennies in my paypal and I am in need to withdraw the money to my bank account.But the sad thing is that I have an ATM card only that is not a credit card.I live in India and is it possible to withdraw my money to my ATM card.The card is visa electron and it don't have an identification number in back.What to do?help me.
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@boboman (18)
• Greece
29 Apr 07
So guys,i am from Greece,i do not have verified my paypal...can i have a check....or send the money to any service(site) that takes money from paypal and sends checks.....Also can i take the money from checks(that i have recieved from the internet) from any greek bank,showing my ID onyl?
@touchnshine (2821)
• India
29 Apr 07
Dear hothash007 I request you to check the discussion started by me with title -- This is for all Indian Users special regarding payment on my lot.. Many things are explained over there .. and hope it will help you.. sorry I cannot copy paste the link for you as because I have not reached 500 posts till now
• India
29 Apr 07 visit and know about it...
• Canada
29 Apr 07
You live in india, unless your bank is situated in the US you won't even be able to tranfer funds there, Just ask for cheque,, its 5 dollar fee and thats it,
@4cuteboys (4102)
• United States
29 Apr 07
The only ways I know to withdraw from a paypal are by transfering it to a checking or savings account, or if you get a paypal atm card which allows you to withdraw at an ATM but usually only if there is $20 or more like in a regular atm card. I think though for the amount you are talking about you would have to link your checking or savings to the paypal and do a transfer which takes 2-3 days to reach your account.
@darkness01 (1303)
29 Apr 07
I do know that in the UK you need to have a minimum of £6 to withdraw to a bank account but i dont know how much that is in Indian currency. I dont have a credit card either, i have a debit card though. You need to fill in the information and wait for it to be verified to be able to withdraw money. I suggest you contact the paypal customer service and ask them your questions because they will be able to answer more accurately, the paypal customer service is the best i have known as well so you will get some answers. Hope that helps, thanks.