April 29, 2007 10:32am CST
When i have watched TV programs on addictions whether it be on smoking or alcohol, I never understand how they cannot quit easily, stop yourself when you go to a shop or just don't out to the place where you know you are going to buy cigarettes or alcohol. However it may not compare but i beleive myself to have picked up an addiction to sugar. In the past few months i have eaten a lot of chocolate and sugary products, I have decided this week to stop eating them, maybe just a treat a week. And I cannot beleive how hard I have found it, I am always craving something sugary because whn I do eat something sugary it makes me feel great, I have managed to go a couple of days now without eating anything I don't want to, if i had an even greater addiction I would not know if I would be able to cope, I salute you who have managed to shake an addiction off, but like myself, it wouldn't have to have been done if I have never got myself into the situation in the first place.
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11 Jan 08
I would like to suggest you read the book I Am Your Disease (The Many Faces of Addiction) written by myself and Heiko Ganzer, LCSW, CASAC of Phoenix Psychotherapy. It is helping people all over the world understand addiction. We have 20 five star reviews on The book is compelling and brutally honest. You say you wouldn't have a problem if you had not gotten yourself into the situation to begin with. This is true!! But kids make mistakes and kids think they're invincible. They have no idea of what kind of foe they're up against until it's too late. Read the book. I'm sure it will help you understand this insidious disease just like it is helping so many others. Thanks. Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
Its actually called withdrawal syndrome. There is a strong urge of craving the things you are addictive with. I've been a smoke addict but I managed to overcome it with gradual decrease intake and lots of commitment.
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
31 Dec 07
Addiction is an irresistable craving, you get in there easily, you wont come out easily, you need to be dragged-i think with the sugar addiction, you are shooting yourself on the foot-please, sugar kills, diabetes is not a nice disease, the farther you are away from it the better, and please know that sugar is a short cut to diabetes, reduce its intake
• Israel
29 Dec 07
A wise person does not enter a situation from which you need to be a genius to get out of...
@pyewacket (44031)
• United States
3 May 07
All addictions are hard to deal with especially if you are trying to cut down or quit entirely...and sometimes as you have noticed when you do try to cut down you crave it more...believe me I know as I've been trying to quit smoking...not easy--and yes, the body does go through withdrawal symptoms that makes it feel worse at times...