April 29, 2007 10:54am CST
do you agree with the supreme court decision to stay 27% OBC resevation in the elite institutions of india?
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@tarachand (3895)
• India
18 May 07
To encourage the concept of equality, to have it really take root and grow, after 60 years of independence there should be no reservation of any sort at all. Merit in all cases should be the only criteria for anything. Unfortunately, the communities that get the reservations form a huge chuck of votes, and the ever selfish politicians will give them small scraps from the table such as reservations, which they demand and lap up, without realizing that the normal citizen Hindu is being discriminated against and that India is practicing reverse casteism. No man should be punished for the sins of his fathers is a universally accepted concept, but the Indian politician chooses to ignore this concept for personal benefit.
• India
15 May 07
these obc reservations have ruined we commoners lives.. why do they have to be discriminated and given the upper hand in the is high time that india moves a step forward and concentrate on more basic problems rather than waste time by doing such things ..
@aliyaa (580)
• India
1 May 07
Persnally iam an OBC. I think there should not be a reservation system like that exist today in elite institutions. In my opinion the reservation criteria should be this way.. While considering reservation everyone from all religion and community should be taken into account but should give weightage to each according to their backwardness in the society.Also weightage should be given to income and parents education level. This is first thing i think everyone should consider because we know that even if one is very good at studies he cant get it to some good institutions or cant select the right career because their parents dont know how to guide him.But students whose parents are well educated get into good position because their parents know which is the best carrier and which is the best institution. So i think it is best to give importance for the education of parent than to family income.
@nil_secl (33)
• India
29 Apr 07
This two line opinion poll like statement is something like taking opinion through sms to make someone victorious in the music competition like events.Reservation in not such a light thing and furthermore who cares for us? The judiciary is sitting on the ivory tower,looking we people as blessed by their verdicts.The most unfortunate side of the system is that some people are sure that their all doings are invincible.So, quota or no quota, reservation or no reservation,verdicts of so called law makers and law keepers will come and go, sufferers will suffer as it was.