whats special in ur bro which makes u to admire him.........

April 29, 2007 11:25am CST
i admire my bri=o bcoz he's is very hardworking and determined towards his goals......
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28 Jun 08
I admire my brother because he has worked hard to get where he has and seems to have the balance between work and social. He didn't allow himself to be pushed into a career or way of life. Oh and he has a fantastic singing voice.
@sturner03 (326)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I admire my brothers for the fact that they moved out of Maine and made a life for themselves. One is into proffesional snowboarding in Cali and has even been offered sponserships with small companies. The way that he is always there if I need to talk and offers to come get me from Cali to FLorida if I need him.
@Wizzywig (7858)
17 Jun 08
My brother was strong, kind and caring with a brilliant sense of humour. He said that he was fine with growing older but never wanted to grow up. He would always listen and then say exactly the right thing to make people feel better. I had to wait 6 years for him but he was worth the wait!
• India
20 Sep 07
well what to say? my bro is a class apart. he is sensible, practical and emotional when u need him to be. he is very straightforward and has a clear undrstanding of what he wants from life. i have never met a person so clear about his priorities and someone who has such in depth understanding of life. i really adore him a lot. i dont know what i would do without him.