Caught between I love you and Goodbye

@kcrysea (196)
April 29, 2007 12:57pm CST
How can we teach ourselves to stop loving the person that we love? There always comes a point that we need to stop loving someone even if its against our will, to put things in order and put our lives in one piece again. Letting go is an unselfish expression and very profound word but letting someone free would not be complete without acceptance. Some people say that they let go of the feeling but still not accepting the fact that they're no longer part of our lives and they will never be. This is when we get caught between I love you and goodbye. It is true that the person who's easiest to forget is the person whos not important to us. For all of us, this is not easy, but we need to accept the truth, coz some of us are afraid to face reality and still living the life full of pretentions, believing that the person still love us eventhough they already found someone new. We need to remember that we need to love ourselves first before we can love someone in return. We all need to keep in mind that there will come a time that we will finally meet the person who will hold our hands and never let go. Hugs us tight whenever we feel so alone. I know someday we will all be happy and contented with the person that we will share our hopes and dreams with... I know soon... "Love us like watching a 20 minute fireworks display, exciting, emotional, romantic, sweet and memorable. But it also ends as a dramatic as it began. It fades slowly into thin air and as much as I wanted to keep watching there's nothing to make it stay. In the end, all thats left is a starless night and the fact that in this life, good things never seems to last..."
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• Brazil
29 Apr 07
People taught us that we cannot be happy without a person by our side! Living with us, sharing happy momenys and secret worlds.. But once you are in love, why stop loving? I guess there's no way to make yourself stop loving who you really love.. you have to face it, even when you can't take it! People have gotta enjoy the current moment, love people as hell and don't be afraid of that beautiful feeling. I think that the love doesn't last forever.. And we gotta enjoy it while it's going on. Love is eternal while it lasts!
@kcrysea (196)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I agree with you, when you're with the one you love just pretend that it is your last day together and do everything to make that special person happy. Tell her that life became so meaningful with her...^__^
@portnoy (118)
1 May 07
everybody can't stop that because that award from god so just enjoy this life and be good person to your's couple..