Can somebody explain this????

April 29, 2007 1:56pm CST
i dont know whether this has been discussed before or not...... But where was Fawkes when Dumbledore died?????i mean.....he was there at the ministry when Voldy tried to attack him????? so why didn't he come to save Dumbledore when he died.....??????
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@juicemilk (2284)
• Australia
29 Apr 07
good question...I've never really thought about it! But I think that it was part of Dumbledore's plan for Snape to kill him so he probably told Fawkes to stay away. I think Snape is still on the good side, and had to kill Dumbledore as part of his unbreakable vow to help Malfoy. Dumbledore knew this and wanted Snape to do it, as then it would help prove Snape to the Deatheaters so he could gain more trust. Some say that Dumbledore was even already dying (remember his black finger?) and was just trying to delay it so it would have more meaning.
• India
20 May 07
I completely agree with you.I simply refuse to believe that Snape could change sides.After all Dumbledore trusted him didn't he?? Well its quite obvious was Dumbledore's plan to have himself killed by none other than Severus Snape.
@sunnypub (2129)
• United States
30 Apr 07
Fawkes comes when he is called or someone asks for help. I agree with the above post that Dumbledore knew he was dying and he wanted Snape to keep his cover. I think he used his mind powers to ask Snape to kill him and when Snape stalled then Dumbledore begged out loud, which was heard and I think it was done like that so we would think he was begging for his life. Since Dumbledore knew he was dying and was wanting Snape to kill him, he didn't call for Fawkes. Something to think about.
@darksome (24)
• United States
28 Jun 08
that's what I asked myself...if a phoenix has the power to heal...why not heal your master? that was really sad when the phoenix leaves the grounds never to come back...and also why didn't harry use that thing to go back in time and save dumbledore? If he saved buckbeak why not save dumbledore as well?!
• India
9 Jun 07
I think that fawkes some how knew that DD was facing Voldemort n Its obvious that he ll try n kill DD... So Fawkes cud save him... Bt wen Snape killed him I think that bein a Hogwarts teacher for many years it dint think that he wudn't kill DD(Just as Harry thought).... So it wasnt there i think.... It s also possible that DD somehow knew abt the unbreakable vow of snape n ordered fawkes not to come in between...
• India
14 May 07
Fawkes is Dumbledore himself...what i mean is Fawkes is just another manifestion of Dumbledore so when Dumbledore 'chose' to die b'cos he did, thats the only way Snape and Malfoy can be alive and Snape has to stay alive b'cos he is 'connected' to the prophecy as well since he was one who heard half of it! so Fawkes cannot come to his rescue b'cos thats Dumbledore choice.