why do we say that "I'm OKAY" when ever we get hurt?

April 29, 2007 10:46pm CST
is it because we're brave enough to handle the pain? or is it because its our way of pretending that we're ok even we get hurt badly...
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@mypchere (582)
• Indonesia
30 Apr 07
Yeah much of us is say "I am okay" even that they get hurt. For me this is just because we do not want people near us worrying about our condition, so we say that we are okay.
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• Canada
30 Apr 07
I am not sure why other's say this but the reason I tell other's that I am ok when I'm not is because I don't want anyone to worry about me . I somehow feel like if I say anything then I am looking for attention and that I should be able to handle this no matter how terrible I feel . I don't know how to accept help from others graciously and always feel uncomfortable that I am putting someone else on the spot that somehow they should do more for me then they are .
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
I think we say were okay even we get hurt because its our way to not let the people around us in worrying to much about us. Because sometimes they keep yhinking of us when we get hurt so we will rather say that were okay than to let them worry too much.
• United States
30 Apr 07
Actually when we say "Im okay" Its a cry for that attention... its something we like to see when we say "Im okay" and the man keeps on insisting that there is something wrong, because he wants to make it right. Just like when we say "go away" we really don't mean it... I guess you call it reverse psychology. Though there might be some girls that truly mean it when they say "go away" lol but there isn't many of those.